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How To Make A Reservation

Through the years of fishing here in Key West as a professional fishing guide I have seen some flaws in the way things used to be done in booking a fishing charter. This day and age with Credit Cards and Confirmations a bar napkin and pen just wont cut it when running a fishing business that caters to the "real world". We constantly review our reservation policies and done every thing imaginable to shake out the possible flaws  to ensure there are no over bookings, missed bookings, missed dates, or messed up vacations.

Once again taking guided fishing trips to the next level.

First thing is Contact Us

To make a reservation the best thing to do is call the office or Island Genns Cell phone. Be nice, she handles over 3000 fishing charters a year for many fishing guides in Key West and the Florida Keys. She is the BEST at what she does and you will be lucky to work with her.

Call Capt. Steven if you have questions about motors or fishing. Do not call him to book. If you want him to call you back, leave a message with Island Genn.

Contact Info
Island Genn





305 304 5808

Capt. Steven





305 304 0497

Physical Address
To go Fishing

5555 College Rd
Key West, Florida


Your Information

Once you have decided to book with us we will need some information. You will be asked for your address, Email Address, Cell number, Where you will be staying, how long your stay will be, and your credit card information.


A deposit is required for booking a trip with us or any fishing guide that we reserve for you. There is no other option that will hold a day of fishing.

The deposit amount is 20% of the trip fare or fares and taken via your supplied credit card. We will need your full Credit Card number, Exp date, and the code on the card. We take AMEX, VISA, MASTER CARD, and Discover.


We send our a confirmation for all of our booked fishing charters. This document is a must for any trip booked with us and our most valued resource to ensure accuracy for your trip with us. Most everyone has email now or knows someone who does. We send a confirmation via a PDF file in an email to your given email address. We request that you download this file and view it. Check it for correct dates, prices and accuracy for what you have booked with us. Print this document out and then sign it. This confirms that you have agreed to our cancellation policy and the dates and prices are accurate. You Must Return This Document Signed For Your Charter To Stand In Our Books - no exceptions...If we do not receive the confirmation back from you within 5 days your dates will come back open. Last minute reservations are dealt with case by case..



Bad Weather

We reserve the right to cancel due to weather. Key West Weather is Weird. If it is showering and you have not heard from us, come to the dock and go fishing. Isolated thunderstorms are a part of life in a tropical climate. We will not take you out in lightning, but the storms will go away. We make that call. Wind is part of life in Key West. Our backcountry and Flats trips are not as wind reliant as our fly fishing and offshore trips. Again, let us make that call.

For the die Hards out there.. If we say it's not good out there.. Chances are it's not good..

For weather questions please use our contact page to call one of us and see what we think. We are always watching the weather as it is a major part of our life.

Customers Call

A few years ago I developed a "customers call" program. This is where we are at the dock and looking at potentially bad weather but it is doable for the moment and looks like we could get a few good hours out of the day. I leave it up to the customers. I will say - its your call, here is what I think the weather will do, and if we leave the charge will be a minimum the 4 hour rate of your trip. If the customer decides not to go there will be no penalty or loss of deposit.


(305) 292-7212
(888) 362-3474