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Key West Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Guide

Guiding fly fishing charters since 1994 here in Key West I know what it takes to not only put anglers on fish, but how to catch them. Frankly, that is the easy part. I have worked with all skill levels and will teach the art of saltwater fly fishing. I am considered an intense guide but very friendly and easy going to get along with.

Specializing In

The hard part about my job as a fly fishing guide in Key West is learning to grow with an anglers abilities and the challenges that they face in a day of fly fishing here in Key West. The more that an angler is open to listening, the better his results.

So many people lose sight of why they fly fish. I always say, "its not how well you fly fish, its how well you enjoy fly fishing".

Here in Key West we fly fish for just about everything. I prefer to stick with the big three when flats fishing that make up the Key West grand slam; tarpon, permit and bonefish. Fly fishing for these fish has been a passion of mine for many years.

Occasionally I will allow my self to get distracted to entertain a fly fishing client with easier to catch species and bend a rod fishing for sharks, barracudas, snappers, lady fish, blue fish, jacks, trout, pompano and blue runners.

Fly Fishing Charters

With different types of boats at my disposal I chose the boat for our day of fly fishing out of Key West based on your needs, requests and the day we have been provided by mother nature. Either my flats boat or one of my Yellowfin Bay boats.

2 or less fly fishermen

I will only guide not more than two persons fly fishing here in Key West and only one caster at a time.


Voice 1-305-292-7212


Up to 4 fly or spin fishermen mixed group

I do have guys that work with me that can carry up to 4 out on the flats for a day of fly fishing, should you decide to do something like that.


Fly Fishing Trips

4, 6, and 8 hour trips can be booked through my office. I supply all the gear you will need including flies and leaders.

Bring with you a hat, sunscreen, appropriate shoes, and good polarized glasses.

Please see my Rates Page for detailed rate information about my fly fishing charters.

Fly Fishing Equipment

On my fly fishing charters expect the very best in what Orvis, G Loomis and Sage has to offer. I have the latest Orvis Mirage fly reels with the new Helios rods. This equipment is without a doubt the best in the industry and provided to my fly fishing clients.

I have all size of rods from 8 - 12 wt right and left hand retrieve reels with floating and intermediate fly lines made by Orvis Wonder line.

fly Fishing skills

Fly fishing here in Key West can be extremely challenging. High winds at times coupled with limited visibility can make it tough on the most seasoned casters. Add that to some of the spookiest fish on the planet and you have a real challenge.

Here are a few points or tips to help you prepare for your day on the water fly fishing in Key West that may help you be more successful.

Double Haul Cast

A double haul cast is required to increase line speed to cut the wind and increase distance. Distance and accuracy are critical to success in fly fishing on the flats of Key West, especially for the tarpon, permit and bonefish.

Fly In Hand

To be effective a fly fisherman on the bow of a flats boat should be able to hold the fly in hand and be ready to cast effectively 30 - 70 ft. in two (three at the most) false casts. Enough of the shooting head of the fly line should be out of the tip of the rod to facilitate a fast line speed immediately in the back haul of your cast.

Strip Striking

We use a strip striking technique to secure the hook into the fishes jaw. Many trout and stream fishermen like to raise their rod tip to set the hook, this will only make you lose fish, fly fishing in Key West. When fly fishing for tarpon you cannot raise the tip of the rod a strip strike is required.

I take a very different approach to fly fishing as a Key West fishing guide. Feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will answer any questions you may have or help you chose the best day of Key West fly fishing. My e-mail address is . I may not be your best choice for a fly fishing guide but I know who might be.