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Marquesas Keys Fishing

30 miles West of Key West is the Marquesas Islands. A circular chain of islands that holds a bounty of fishing both in shore and offshore. Year round the fishing is great in the Marquesas Keys

My bay boats and flats boats are specially built and equipped to fish the Marquesas Keys any day of the week. There are few fishing guides that have spent more time out in the Marquesas than myself.

Here is an article I wrote about The Marquesas Keys

What Is Marquesas Keys Fishing Like

As any place the Marquesas fishing changes from month to month, moon phases and tide changes. The flats fishing is amazing with some of the best permit fishing in the world both on the flats and the shallow water wrecks. Tarpon are also a main target with cobia and bonefish.

In the winter time we have the place to ourselves. Fishing for all of it. A whole additional cast of characters show up to surprise us with world class fishing on nice and cool days.

Keep In mind that any of the following areas that we fish in the Marquesas can be sampled in one day of fishing. We call it the All In Wonder Marquesas Experience.

Flats Fishing Marquesas

On a good day of fishing an angler can expect to see lots of bonefish and permit, many tarpon too. The bonefish are scarce in the winter time but the permit fishing stays strong. There is always a good tide in the Marquesas to keep an angler flats fishing all day long.

Backcountry Fishing The Marquesas Keys

Year round our bay boats are able to show folks a great time in the Marquesas Keys backcountry. Here we can catch permit, tarpon and bonefish along with a slew of other species especially in the winter time. Trout, Redfish, jacks, sharks, blue fish and cobia are all there and ready to eat.


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Ship Wrecks Of the Marquesas Keys

Generally all year round the shop wrecks have permit hovering over them like saucers. In the winter the cobia are the big fun and all year long the great barracudas make for a super fun time on light tackle plug fishing. The shallow water ship wrecks are located just past the Marquesas Keys and easily reachable with our bay boats on a good weather day.

Shallow Reefs

Surrounding the Marquesas are a huge set of shallow reefs that are totally alive. The shallow reefs are an artificial plug fisherman's dream Casting plugs across these huge reefs one can expect to catch groupers, snappers and barracudas. Great for our snorkeling and fishing charters to offer the best in all worlds in the Marquesas Keys.

About The Marquesas Keys Fishing Trips

I offer this amazing fishing charter in 8 hour trips only. We leave the dock in the morning and are gone all day. There are no facilities in the Marquesas Keys as the islands are uninhabited. Bathrooms are not typical on our bay boats or flats boats unless otherwise requested.

We use bay boats for this fishing charter mostly and for specialty fishing charters we will use flats boats that specialize in traditional flats fishing experiences, to make your day special out there. I only fish 2 persons on a flats boats but my bay boats can carry up to 4 persons and fish the shallows.

You will need to bring what you want to eat or drink except for bottled waters, I carry plenty of those. Also a hat, sunscreen and good polarized sunglasses.

To Book a Marquesas Keys fishing charter, please call my office at 1-305-292-7212 or e-mail me your questions We need some advanced notice as these trips require some set up time to make it the best for you.