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Practice Fishing Before You Come
A Suggestion By, Capt Steven Lamp

Before you come here take some time to learn a few basic skills or brush up on some old ones.

It can cost up to 450.00 to fish with a top quality flats fishing guide here in Key West. Couple that with about 2000.00 in gear if you are a serious fly fisherman and then the whole vacation to get here and stay while you fish. and you have yourself a hefty investment, making golf look like a poor mans sport. Why not practice for it......

Lets look at golfers...

Sitting in the office all week long thinking about the greens of their favorite course. Probably picking their teeth with a "T". As one of their co workers pass by the two of them make eye contact together almost ceremoniously imitating a smooth golf swing. Imagining as if the ball was right there in front of them in the office. This action an understood signal to each other setting a date for the driving range for practice after work.....

Golfers have it easy

They have putting greens and driving ranges, all sorts of stuff to get their skills up to par before they show up on Tuesday (golf day) and try their skills against the real deal... 18 holes of pure green golf grass. As they move their way across the grass adding up the score of Swings and misses competing against last weeks score hoping for a standard improvement. Shaving a shot or two off the game.

Why is flats fishing so different?

Now, I know nothing about Golf. In fact I come from a long line of golf pros from Ft Myers Fla. area. They tried to get me to play but I had other things to do and fishing was at the top of that list. I did learn one thing however... Even as bad as I was, my experience on the course was more rewarding when I practiced.

To take it seriously, fishing, weather fly or spin takes allot of practice. Flats fishing takes a ton of practice. If you come here seeking out the mighty permit or the elusive bonefish even the Silver King of all, the Tarpon, you had better get some skills or at least hone the ones you have. This will ensure that you make the best of your time at the bow of a boat so that you can go home from your trip to the Fishing Capitol of the World and tell all your friends with confidence that the reason you did not catch anything was truly because of the weather or your crappy guide...

Here is How you prepare

I will break this up into two sections one for my fly guys and one for my Spin fishermen. Very much the same directions with only a few changes. Read on.

Spin Fishermen

Go to your local fishing store and if you do not already have one buy, borrow or get a 7.5 ft 8-16 lb spinning rod with a decent reel. Most reels in the 45-80.00 range are satisfactory Make sure that the reel is a good spin casting reel. Load it with 12 lb test of what ever line you like or makes you feel good. Grab some split shots and head out.

You will need a five gallon bucket or 2 ft tall stepping stool, a buddy (wife), your rod and reel, the split shots, and a Frisbee. Find your self a lake, field, Big swimming pool, or big back yard. Once you have all these things together go to your practice area.
Your rod should have a small spilt shot on it located near where the hook would be on the line to represent the weight of a bait.