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Mercury Racing Lab Finished Propellers and Props
Not Just for racing.

The world of propellers is, at best, an inexact science in its most structured areas. Then lets throw in the different hull designs, weight factors and needs for these boats that the owners want out of their investment. Now we really have a mess.

Mercury Racing Lab Finished Propellers offers hope.

I personally have every prop I own for three different boats and several applications each Lab Finished. For Speed, Cruise economy, Riding attitude, Heavy load carrying, ect. In my world, economy and performance are what helps me win. The economy at the bank when I have spent 15% less in fuel due to a tuned prop and in tournaments when guys with more horse power than me are seeing nothing but a dust trail and my transom. I personally recommend Lab Finished props to everyone with boats that run over 50 and some that don't. For the price, the benefits are great and will be well worth it. If top speed is your goal, then don't delay, every time you go to the water and get beat by that guy who is barely fast than you just think, I need my prop done. In my opinion Lab finishing is the least expensive way to add speed to a boat.

Mercury Racing Lab finished propellers (The Lab), offers the consumer boater the opportunity to get the most of their prop. Most think of The Lab to be just for racers, guys who are trying to milk every once of speed out of a setup that they can and that is true. One can look at the Mercury Racings record in Marine Performance and see that they are the best. Now the Lab offers the recreational consumer boater the same advantage, on most of the props found in the Mercury and Mercury racing lineup.

Speed although a highlight, is not the only goal. Tuning a prop can be done for a variety of things, such as:

- Hole shot
- Midrange Cruise Speeds
- Better Fuel Economy
- Acceleration
- Take out Proposing
- Increase Bow Lift / Stern Lift

Here is a lay persons way of telling how it works and how to get The Lab to do the best for you.

You have your boat, your power and how you use it in mind or on a sheet of paper. Now lets see what you would like to improve on. Is Speed your need? or would you like to be able to pull a skier out better? How bout those long range runs you make to get to your fishing grounds at cruising speeds, maybe save some fuel. Then there is the boater who wants it all but understands that he will sacrifice some places to get it. Lab Finishing is for you.

Here is what you do.

Take your favorite prop or the one that the dealer gives you with your rig that is the "best" prop for all your applications. Check with your dealer to make sure the Mercury stainless prop that you have is able to be tweaked by the Lab, (Tempest, Trophy, Trophy Plus, Mirage Plus, Bravo I, Rev Four, High Five, ect...) this can be done by a simple phone call by your dealer to Mercury Lab Finished Propellers. Next, go out with a medium load and get some numbers. A GPS is very helpful here as most water speedos are inaccurate. The numbers that you will want are as follows. (This process may work for Stern drive applications as well however this process was written and intended for Outboards.)

Time to get on plane from dead stop in seconds.

Good way to judge time on plane is to see when water is no longer around the boat but under the boat and leaving.

RPM and flat trim (means no Trim tabs down and 00 degrees trim on motor) Speed increments

WOT Top Speed with trim and no blow out.

There ya go, now go back to the dealer and tell him what you are looking for to be improved on the way your boat performs. He will then relay to the Lab your numbers and the Lab will tell if finishing will help you gain.
Lab Finishing is not new, just that our boats are getting faster and faster. Technology has us looking for the perfect solution. I feel as though if your boat runs over 50 You need to do it. The ultimate way to have The Lab help you the most is by having your dealer contact them before a propeller selection to start with. These guys really know boats and propellers and will get you on the right platform to begin with.

Any Questions about Lab Finishing or any other boating Mods write to me at the following email address. I will do what I can to get you the right info.

You can also contact my good friend and prop magician Scott Reichow at 920-924-2034 for further information regarding Mercury Racing Lab Finished Propellers.

Good luck