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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have been in the Key West fishing business a long time. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here CALL us.. Surprise us with a new one.

Is there a bathroom on the flats boats?

No, there is not. We generally handle the potty factor any number of ways depending on the person and how bad they need to go. Usually its the wives who have the issues. It all depends on how out-doorsy they like to get. I can usually stop to use a beach somewhere or they can get in the water at a safe locale. Guys, we have been blessed with outward reaching plumbing that allows us to not have issues here.
Another alternative would be for you to take out our big 28 ft boat for a back country fishing trip that has a fully enclosed head on board. Although this boat is not for flats fishing. 

Is there a bathroom on the Bay Boats?

Here at Dream Catcher Charters we have two bay boats with bathrooms for you to get out on. I do not fish either of these boats. Please call my office and make these arrangments. Also ask about bay boat with shade..

Should I bring my own fishing gear

You can bring anything you like to carry, however, I have some of the top gear available for both spin and fly fishing that I am sure you will be very happy with. If you do decide to bring your own gear please make sure that I know about it so I can make room. Also it may be helpful if you call me to ask what kind of lines and whatnots to put on your rod and reel. My Fishing Equipment

Ok, so what should we bring?

Yourself, what you like to eat, sunscreen lotion (not spray please) a good pair of polarized sunglasses, a hat and maybe a camera.  Remember, If you are flats fishing with me or any other guide we have only a little room in our boats. Please do not move in. We will only be on the water a maximum of 8 hours.

What Is supplied on the trips ?

Rods, reels, bait, tackle, flies, leaders, lines, plugs, artificial, live bait, Bottled water (PLENTY), Ice and a jacket or two for my clients. My Equipment page.

What if I forget my camera?

If you are fishing with me Capt Steven, I carry a Nikon D 4 in my boat at all times. I take shots of you and your fish then send them to you via email for no additional charge. Fishing with someone else? Don't forget your camera. Oh, and it may take me a while to get you the photos.....

How many fish will I catch

Sounds funny huh? I get this question all the time. It depends on what we fish for, when we fish for it, how well you do fishing for it, and how many fish we see for the day of fishing that you have set forth to see and catch fish...... In other words.. I have no idea..

It says on my confirmation to call my Capt. the night before the trip, Why?

We fish with a lot of people here. I may have emailed back and forth to you but that may have been one of 20 emails that day. When it comes to your trip, call me or any captain the night before so we can go over the details like weather, gear you will need, special requests, and such. It also lets us know that you are really here and ready to go. This program has been working very well for years with out failure. See our booking policies here.

What if it is bad weather?

If it sucks out there, I don't want to go either. Winds and fly fishing usually don't mix for many anglers so we base our departure possibilities off of that. My trips are very flexible on the weather, I don't need to be out there. Other trips my office books are with fishing guides that have their own policies, check with them before you get excited about cancelling due to a summer shower.

Will the weather be good on our trip?

When I can answer that I will no longer be guiding.........

What happens to my deposit if I get cancelled due to weather?

If I or any Captain that we book cancels due to weather your are refunded all but a 5 dollars booking fee.

If you decide to cancel because you do not like the weather and the captain says the weather was fine there is no refund. Don't do that....

What happens to my deposit if I cancel inside the 7 day cancellation policy

We realize things come up last minute, unfortunately trips don't come last minute for us. If we are able to reschedule that day you will receive a refund less 5 dollars. If rescheduling is not done then there is no refund of your deposit.

What if I do not show or call or anything for my trip?

We will hunt you down like the dog you are!
Seriously though, according  to our booking confirmation that you signed the day you booked your trip and faxed back to my office. You will be billed according to the rules of that document in FULL for the trip you have stood up. Understand that we only have so many days to sell our boats, Standing up one of our trips means someone else could not have gone with us. Not to mention that it is just plain rude!

How do I cancel last minute?

The only way to not get charged in full is to call us 48 hours prior to your charter. 1-888-362-3474. Leave a message telling us what the deal is. You will not get a refund for your deposit but you will not get billed in full. Review our booking policies here.


Purly For your entertainment.

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- Does the sun set every night?

- Can my wife go shopping in the Marquesas -- While I fish?

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