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Backcountry Fishing Key West

The Backcountry

Here in Key West, the backcountry means inshore islands, flats, bays and channels that are located on the Gulf of Mexico Side and West of Key West.

Always calm, clear and uninhabited. A great place to just get away, an incredible place to go fishing.

We like to use "backcountry" as a broad term to describe an area that is "out of the way". The Key West backcountry is located in the Great White Heron Wildlife Refuge, a protected wild life area.

Backcountry Fishing Charters

Along the edges of the mangrove islands, on the shallow flats sight fishing, in the channels looking for tarpon and other species. Backcountry fishing Key West has many faces depending on the time of year you visit. We have some of our trips come back with 15 species caught on just a 4 hour trip.

fishing the backcountry of key westEveryone has fun on these fishing trips. Novice fisher person to expert angler there is a backcountry fishing charter for everyone. The kids can feel like heroes catching fish the whole time as we are patient and friendly. This is a great trip for the family or the hard core enthusiast. We can fish as easy or as hard as you like.

We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour backcountry fishing charters with boats that can take up to 2, 4 and 6 persons. Please see our Rates Page For more details. Or Give us a Call At 305-292-7212.

The group backcountry fishing trips that we put together choose our backcountry fishing charters because they offer an easy day on the water that caters to many different fishing skill levels and styles of fishing. Key Feature is that no one gets sea sick and everyone catches fish.


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Backcountry Fishing Tackle We Use

JacksLight tackle spin fishing and bait casting rods are the main choices we also have fly rods available to. My crew and I are professional fly fishing guides and very good with instruction. If you have ever wanted to try fly fishing we also offer lessons for the beginners. Either way you will enjoy the possibilities. See my tackle room and learn more about what I use for fishing gear here in Key West.

Fish You Can Catch In The Key West Backcountry

There are so many species its hard to list them all; Trout, redfish, snook, tarpon, permit, pompano, baby tarpon, baby goliath groupers, snappers, jacks, small groupers, 6 species of sharks, cobia, barracudas, blue fish, blue runners, bonefish.

Backcountry Beauty

The wildlife of the Key West backcountry is amazing. Hundreds of mangrove islands with the shallow flats surrounding them offering the smallest of critters a start of life. This area holds an entire food chain between the shallowest flat and the deepest channels that feed them. From shrimps to sharks the marine life is a full circle here. Call About our Backcountry Sightseeing Tours for the whole family.

On the islands one can see some of our more exotic bird life and aquatic vegetation. surrounded by crystal clear water our mangrove islands are a beautiful site.

tarpon fishingTarpon Fishing-The backcountry is where it all happens for tarpon season. All year long we have tarpon fishing here out of Key West. Fish for smaller baby tarpon in the fall, then the bruisers come in starting in January during the warm periods. The spring months we have the annual migration bringing the silver king right up on the flats for the light tackle and fly sight fishermen. Read More about tarpon fishing.

Shark Fishing is very scary in the backcountry. Shallow waters and big teeth. Capt. Steven offers the Shallow Water Monsters Shark fishing charter. Read more about Shark Fishing with Capt. Steven.

Bonefishing made the Florida Keys Famous. Fast stealthy fish swimming in super shallow waters waiting to eat. Bonefishing is done from the spring through the fall months. This kind of fishing will appeal to your hunting side. Fun for all skill levels Capt Steven will teach you how to catch them with ease. Read more about Bonefishing in Key West with Dream Catcher Charters.

Flats fishing is also a fantastic way to enjoy the Florida Keys Backcountry fishing. Sight fishing is truly the name of the game here.  We now uses two different types of boats to cater to all levels of anglers for flats fishing. Bay Boats and Flats Fishing Boats. Check out Capt. Steven's Key West Flats Fishing Page for more detailed information about this form of fishing.