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Deep Drop Fishing

Ready to Have some big fun fishing? Deep, Deep, deep is the name of this game. If you want to catch a bunch of great tasting fish, have lots of fun and have the local restaurant cook it up for you or send it home for your own dinner table Deep drop fishing may be your best bet during the summer and fall. A really fun way to catch nice size bottom fish almost guaranteed. A great addition to put on a Key West Deep Sea Fishing trip with us here at Dream Catchers using our 32 Yellowfin Center console.

Deep DroppingThe Species

Snowy Groupers off of Key West get up to 40 lbs. We also catch Golden tile fish that are beautiful to see and great eating. The common fish are the Black Bellied Rose Fish, goofy looking but incredible table fare. Many compare the black Bellied Rose Fish to Yellowtail snappers or hog fish. Tile fish are also abundant and fun to catch. The bonus species is the hard pulling Barrel fish

The Equipment

Like everything else we do here at Dream Catcher Charters it is top shelf. If the type of fishing requires the our anglers need special tackle then we get it. Our goal is your 100% amazement at our service. We offer the latest in state of the art tackle for this kind of fishing.

Deep DroppingFishing in 400 - 1200 ft. of water takes specialized equipment. Very expensive rods and reels coupled with high end braided lines. At Dream Catcher Charters we use the Daiwa Tenaculum Bull 1000's for the multi rigs that are capable of catching 1-5 fish per drop. Mounted on bent but rods that are super strong offering the heft needed to lift these fish from the depths.

Deep Drop FishingFor a more one on one experience we offer the Sea Borg 300's. The latest state of the art in electric reels compact in design but gorilla strong. This offers the diligent fisher person the opportunity to go toe to toe with one of these creatures of the deep holding the rod without all the reeling. Not uncommon to catch 30lb golden tile fish or a 20 plus pound Snowy Grouper. Great sport without the need to reel in 700+ of line.


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Deep Drop fishingThat deep down it is very dark and the use of well put together lights is needed for the fish to see your offering. We use the best in LP lights. Clipped onto our leaders the lights can handle the tremendous depths and blink or do what they need to do to catch you fish.

The line we use for deep dropping is the Stren Super Braid. We find that this line is extremely durable and has a lower diameter rating for the pound test. We use Super Braid from 20 - 65 lb. test.