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About Fishing Key West

Hi, I am Capt. Steven P. Lamp

I am a Key West and Lower Florida Keys fishing guide. This web site is my professional connection with folks that want to learn every facet of fishing in Key West. I have been a professional fishing guide here since 1994 and in my career covered almost all of it. 

Currently I personally offer flats fishing on board my traditional flats fishing skiff or my state of the art bay boats. I offer reef fishing on board my 36 ft Yellowfin Center Console and deep sea fishing charters on board my Yellowfin 36 or my 47′ Viking “In XS”

And it doesn’t stop there. 

More Than Meets The Eye

Learning along time ago that I personally cannot provide great service to everyone that calls by myself.  In 1999 I teamed up with my wife Island Genn to help. Together we created a network of Fishing guides that had the same dedication to customer service and a passion for fishing as I did.  She is always there all day – every day for folks who call with questions about fishing or Key West. Matching anglers with fishing guides, suggesting great places to stay, Eat and things to do here. Helping folks have the best time with the best part of our island. 

Call her Direct.. 1-305-292-7212 
Text    1-786-847-3808

Island Genn, indiana bones and capt. Steven Lamp
Island Genn and I out on my bay boat with our pup Indiana Bones. Genn puts together over 3000 fishing charters per year for me and many other professional fishing guides. She is absolutely the best at making sure her clients get exactly what they are looking for. Check out her web site by clicking on this photo.

Always On The Water

Fishing and boating was always a passion for me be it above or below the water.. I joined the Coast Guard right out of High School and when the weather got nasty they had me going out when others were coming in. Heavy weather was something I got accustomed to quickly and it was my job in uniform. In my off time in Cape Hatteras I surfed alot while learning and understanding more about the Ocean than could ever be written in a book.

lobster Steven Lamp
Daily Catch My Father And I

Working water sports jobs from teen to adult. A dive master since 1991. I ran dive boats for the state of Florida Parks and privately owned dive shops both in the Florida Keys and St. Pete. while I honed my skills as a commercial and competitive spear fisherman, hook and line commercial fisherman and lobster harvesting diver. In the early 90s my diving career was halted by a brutal attack from a barracuda to my right leg while free diving near Marathon. It was time to take another approach to earn my living.

Key West fishing guide dolphin fishing
Paying The Bills

It's A Guides Life For Me

Funny how things happen. After my diving accident my new approach to life would be flats fishing. I knew the backcountry and the shallows like my home from Marathon to the Marquesas Keys. A buddy of mine I worked with took me flats fishing one day and I fell in love with it. I loved it so much I hocked a bunch of stuff, borrowed some money and I bought his boat. Trained in every spare minute, read every book and in my first year I booked and fished 240 Key West fishing charters. That is where it all began.

Throughout my professional guiding career I have had over 30 tournament wins. Trained many new captains to do what I do and how to run their very own guide businesses the right way. Fished over 5000 charters myself and created a fishing charter company that averages 1700 fishing charters per year and sends over 1000 additional fishing charters to colleagues up and down the Florida Keys and in Key West. 

 I have made it my passion to learn every facet of charter fishing here in Key West. From the shallowest flats to the deepest offshore waters. From what I know, I am the only fishing guide that has a working technical flats skiff, state of the art 24 ft bay boat, 36 ft center console and a 47 ft Viking all at my disposal ready to fish daily. Thats covering the bases. 

IGFA Captain

IGFA Captain / Guide

In the spirit of the I.G.F.A. the most reliable record keeping authority in the world for game fishing I went forward to take the test to call myself an IGFA captain/guide. Because Key West fishing is so diverse I felt more knowledge was good. I am proud to be in among some of the greatest names in fishing who have pushed themselves to be the most knowledgable in our field.

Florida Guides Association Board Of Directors

Being a fishing guide in Key West, Florida is a privilege that I take seriously. Fishing guides offer much to their local communities, more than you may think. I am proud to be active on the Florida Guides Association  board of directors since 2010.