Key West Flats Fishing Guide
Capt. Steven Lamp

flats fishing permit
Releasing a Permit for good friend Tommy

Key West Flats Fishing

I was hooked the first time I ever went flats fishing. It was everything I loved about fishing in Key West. Crystal clear calm waters, the critters that live in the shallows, getting away from everything to peace and quiet and the boats that get me there. That was 25 years ago now I am a veteran fishing guide. Whether I am using a push pole to slide through the shallows on my technical flats fishing boat or a trolling motor on my state of the art bay boat built by Yellowfin Yachts the results are the same. Getting shots at some of the weariest fish in the ocean for my anglers. Chasing the Key West grand slam of tarpon, permit and bonefish with some other added surprises along the way. 

Flats Fishing

Sight fishing is the name of the game. We look for them, we spot them, I guide you into position and you make the cast. Flats fishing is a discipline that appeals to the stealthiest of hunters. When the needle is threaded and it all comes together with a nice beautiful fish along side the boat. That is when nothing else matters. Accuracy counts as does line control. Once the fish see the bait or a well placed fly they will generally pounce on it. 

Light Tackle Fishing

I have available the nicest spin fishing gear from DAIWA rods and reels. The Saltiga and Exist reels. 10 – 20 lb class line, mostly braid. The longest casting distance with the most accuracy in the right hands giving my anglers the best advantage to catch their dream fish.  

DAIWA fishing reels

Fly Fishing

I dont discount my fishing charters so I dont buy discounted fly fishing gear for my anglers to fish with. ORVIS line of Helios 3 D rods with ORVIS mirage reels loaded with the latest in ORVIS fly line and backing. I supply all leaders, fly’s and instruction. 

ORVIS Helios 3d Fly fishing rods

My Flats Fishing Charters

I will take up to two persons flats fishing for 4, 6, or 8 hours. Trip departures depend on the day, moon and tide phases and what fish species we are targeting. I supply everything you will need for fishing as well as ice filled cooler with bottled waters. If we are using fly fishing gear, only one angler can be fishing at a time. We will decide when you call, depending on the time of the year, your needs in a boat and the targeted species you would like to pursue whether we will use  my technical poling skiff or my Yellowfin bay boat. IF… You want to bring 3 or 4 anglers I can help with that as well. Please see my Backcountry Fishing Charters.  Or Call 1-305-292-7212.

flats fishing boat
17ft Technical Flats Fishing boat
Yellowfin 24 bay boat CE
My Custom Built Yellowfin Bay Boat
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