Marquesas Keys Fishing

Marquesas Keys Permit
Permit fishing in the Marquesas Keys can be awesome. On the flats or the wrecks. You decide how challenging you want it.

30 miles West of Key West is the Marquesas Keys. A circular chain of islands that holds a bounty of fishing both in shore and offshore. Year round the fishing is great in the Marquesas Keys, weather permitting.

My bay boats and flats boats are specially built and equipped to fish the Marquesas Keys any day of the week. There are few fishing guides that have spent more time out in the Marquesas than myself over the past 30 years.

As any place, the Marquesas fishing changes from month to month, moon phases and tide changes. Going out there with a seasoned fishing guide is paramount to being safe and successful. 

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Light Tackle Fishing On Bay Boat

Year round my bay boats are the best way to show folks a great time in the Marquesas Keys both flats fishing in the shallows and fishing the nearshore patch reefs. Even in some cases on nicer days shooting out to the deeper reef for added adventure. In many cases using the bay boats can open up many more species of fish to catch in a day. I call it the All In Wonder day of fishing. A trip where we fish as many different ways for as many different species as possible. Starting on the flats we can catch permit, tarpon and bonefish and barracudas. Headed out just a little we have a slew of other species especially in the winter time. Trout, Redfish, mutton snapper, yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, red grouper, black grouper, all the sharks, yellow jacks, blue fish and cobia are all there and ready to eat. A great way to go fishing in the Marquesas Keys. Not to mention the scenery, it is really gorgeous out there. 

The versatility I get using my state of the art bay boat is insane. I started the All in Wonder day of fishing back in 2005 when I got my first bay boat. It has redefined a great fishing experience for many of my anglers and moved many of them from a traditional flats fishing skiff to my bay boat. In the winter I have helped my anglers catch over 20 species of fish in one day.. One of my favorite charters for sure. 

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Marquesas Mutton Snapper
I often use artificial lures to work the patch reefs around the Marquesas in my bay boat and catch quality snappers like this one.

The Flats Fishing

The flats fishing in the Marquesas is truly amazing. On a good day of fishing an angler can expect to see all the characters of the Key West Grand Slam with lots of bonefish, permit, and tarpon. My anglers can use light tackle spin fishing gear or fly fishing gear (your choice). The bonefish are scarce in the winter time but the permit fishing stays strong, typically we can get shots at tarpon all year long, even in the winter on the warmer days. There is always a good tide inside or outside the Marquesas Keys to keep an angler flats fishing all day long. 

We can take my technical poling skiff for a single angler which is especially good for fishing the flats out there using the fly rod. My technical bay boat is the absolute best vehicle for fishing the flats of the Marquesas. It gets us there very quickly and comfortable and floats in 10″ of water – it is a bonefish hunter. 

Marquesas Bonefish
The number of bonefish have increased exponentially in the Marquesas in the last 10 years.

My Marquesas Keys Fishing Charters

I will take up to two persons flats fishing for 8 hours in the marquesas. Trip departures depend on the day, moon and tide phases and what fish species we are targeting. I supply everything you will need for fishing as well as ice filled cooler with bottled waters. If we are using fly fishing gear, only one angler can be fishing at a time. We will decide when you call, depending on the time of the year, your needs in a boat and the targeted species you would like to pursue whether we will use  my technical poling skiff or my Yellowfin bay boat. IF… You want to bring 3 or 4 anglers I can help with that as well. 

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The Boats I Use to Fish The Marquesas Keys

Yellowfin 24 bay boat CE
My Custom Built Yellowfin Bay Boat
flats fishing boat
17ft Technical Flats Fishing boat

Fly Fishing The Marquesas Keys

Some of the best fly fishing trips ever for me were focused on the Marquesas Keys. We can chase fish as complicated as Permit on the flats or as easy as snappers on the little patch reefs. The bonefish out there are easy to come by and will eat a well presented fly quickly. Barracudas are also a great sport out there, they are big and feisty and love a nice streamer. Lets not forget the jacks, they are powerful and amazing fighters on the fly rod. Last…. The tarpon fishing out there is legendary. I have been fly fishing for tarpon in the Marquesas since the mid 90s and can defiantly put you on them. 

I supply all the fly gear, flies and leaders any angler would ever need. ORVIS Helios 3d 7-12wt. You are welcome to bring your own. We will consult before your trip to learn about your casting ability and expectations to see if they meet.. I can fish out there on a 6 hour but recommend a full day trip 8 hours. I personally only fish 2 anglers or less, however I have colleagues and guides I have trained to fish out there who will fish with 3. 

Marquesas Keys Fly Fishing Permit
Permit get big in the Marquesas Keys and are the holy grail when caught using a fly rod.

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