Dry Tortugas Fishing Charters

Yellowfin 36 Center Console
The "Too Intense" A Yellowfin 36

The Dry Tortugas fishing charters are a great adventure. Located just 70 miles to the West of Key West is the Dry Tortugas National Park also called Fort Jefferson. This area is Jurassic Park for many species of fish. Everything seems to be bigger out there and the fishing can be amazing.

As a National Park that area comes with many rules and no take zones. I have one of 11 permits that allow me to legally fish in some of these zones with fishing charters. This makes for a really fun day on the water.

About Dry Tortugas Fishing

Red Grouper
Fire Trucks Red Grouper

Grouper and snapper fishing is incredible. May 1st is the open of the Atlantic grouper season. We Catch Large mutton snappers, yellowtail snappers with red and black groupers are the prize. The yellowtail snapper fishing out there is epic. It is not uncommon to get a limit of 2 – 4 lb yellowtails on this trip. Add that to the mutton snappers that can range in size from 4 – 18lbs. Somtimes we can include blackfin Tuna fishing behind the shrimp boats.  King fishing can be good too with live bait and Huge fish up to 65 lbs. Permit are around the wrecks and make easy targets. For those that like a strong fight the amberjack  are there for you on the wrecks as well. Among the huge barracudas we catch on super light tackle. Its not hard to catch a nice bag of quality fish in the Dry Tortugas National Park. Any of the Key West fish species can be caught there.

Using live bait, cut bait and artificial lures is the normal for us fishing out there. Bouncing from spot to spot working the species that are available. Our anglers can custom tailor the trip just for themselves and what they enjoy.

About The Fishing Charter

Dry Tortugas Fishing
Cobia In The Dry Tortugas

After a brief on the safety and a conversation of what my anglers would like to do out there we depart just after day break. We make a short stop to get fresh bait then head toward the Dry Tortugas. There are some fun stops along the way for the light tackle enthusiasts or we can head straight for the meat. Its about an 1.75 hour run to get to the start of the grounds I like to fish. All of the legal fish caught are the property of the anglers. The gear I use is nothing but the best from DAIWA names such as “dog fight” “Saltiga” “Saltist” all loaded with Samurai braided line.

dry tortugas fishing
Box Of Grouper And Snapper from The Dry Tortugas

Fishing Charter Details

We can take up to four persons fishing the Dry Tortugas with some exceptions for a 5th. Often I cary a mate to make the fishing more productive. Trip lengths of 8 or 10 hours. Bottom fishing can be tough for more than three anglers at same time, often taking turns is the result. 

Dry Tortugas trips Can be booked from May – December and will be weather dependent. We supply everything you will need for fishing. We prefer you use our rods and reels. There will also be ice filled cooler with bottled waters and an additional cooler with ice for your catch. We will also filet and bag your fish for you at the end of our trip. All the fish we catch belong to you, unless you want to give them to me. 

 Call 1-305-292-7212.

Special Notes On Dry Tortugas Trips

Plus Fuel – My 36ft Yellowfin is equipped with state of the art fuel flow monitoring. The customer is responsible for the cost of burned fuel for that day. Generally we can have a great day fishing and seeing the Dry Tortugas trips on less than 130 gallons of fuel. If the need to run further or burn more arises. We let you know during the day so you can stay within budget. Our goal is to lessen the blow of these outrageous fuel costs for all. ALSO… We promise to run the boat as efficient as possible. 

Weather Dependent – We will know one to several days in advance if the weather will be decent to run out there. We will contact you and discuss. We reserve the right to not go if the winds are up and out of a bad direction. Adjustments can be made. If it is windy but fish-able closer to Key West we will make adjustments in the trip description and pricing. Keep in mind we are not in the practice of torturing people or our equipment.