Pro Teams Sponsors For Capt. Steven Lamp

Pro Team Sponsors
The best for what we do.

Pro Team Associations

Every fishing guide in the business brags about the pro team sponsors they have for this and that. For most, its about what they can get for free, or who will pay them for using it. For me, it’s about what I can get for daily use that I will brag about to my many clients because it’s really a good product. Some products that I use don’t even come with a discount, however I still use them because the are the best. 

Here you will find the list of products that I use here and provide for my charter company at Dream Catcher Charters. 

Mercury Marine Pro Staff
Mercury Marine Pro Guide

Mercury Marine Pro Guide

Mercury has powered every boat I have ever owned. From the 2 hp I had on my Genoe as a kid to the triple 400s on my 36 ft Yellowfin center console and every boat in between. All of the boats at Dream Catcher Charters are and always will be powered by Mercury Marine. 

Since 1994 I am proud to not only be considered a Mercury Pro Guide but also very passionate about this product. Being part of a team that has been pioneers in making boating better. My relationship with Mercury Marine has been one of the highlights of my professional career. 

Mercury Racing
Mercury Racing 400r

Test And Evaluation

Racing is a passion. On the road, in the air and definitely on the water. Everyone wants more in life and speed is the top of that list. When Mercury Racing started building outboards for fishing boats back in 1999, I was brought on to test some of them on my fishing boats. I like to think that this led to a whole new level of power options for the Mercury brand for folks that wanted something a little extra. 

I feel so fortunate to having been a part of 9 new outboard product releases through the years from Mercury Racing and sharing with the public the reliability and performance these motors can produce to make their boating more exciting. 

Yellowfin Yachts
Yellowfin Yachts Carbon Elite

Yellowfin Yachts Pro Guide

In the world of boating the Yellowfin brand Stands out as the elite. Customer service, fit and finish and attention to detail is the base line at Yellowfin. The performance, sexy lines and reliability are the reasons why everyone wants one. 

I have owned a lot of boats for my personal use and for Dream Catcher Charters here in Key West fishing. 13 of them have been Yellowfins. I have yet to be disappointed. Ask me anytime to ride in any one of my Yellowfins I am happy to show you the right boat to buy. 

Power Pole Blades
Power Pole Blades

Power Pole Pro Guide

After the boat and the motor my Power poles are probably the next most important piece of equipment on my shallow water boats. Since 1999 I have been working with JL marine as they evolved to be the only choice in a shallow water anchoring system. It’s just ridiculous to get anything else. Warranty, customer service and durability. They make absolutely an amazing piece of equipment and stand behind everything they do. 

DAIWA This Is Simple

DAIWA Pro Team

Great boats, amazing power options and incredible electronics and accesories. It was a no brainer when we became part of the DAIWA family for the best in rods and reels for our clients at Dream Catcher Charters. From the lightest outfits for flats fishing to the biggest reels for deep dropping to the Abis DAIWA has had me covered since 2007. The innovations we have seen through these years has been amazing. Don’t expect to see anything else on our boats. 

Garmin Marine
Garmin Marine Electronics

Garmin Throughout

In this day and age electronics provide us the upper edge in our fishing. Garmin has Brought the technical high end of marine electronics within reach of the average recreational boater. Easy to use and understand. It no longer takes a navigational specialist to go boating. 

I started with Garmin back in the 90s and now all my boats use these amazing electronics. As anyone knows I love to put the best of what is available out to my clients to use every day. Garmin is on that list. 

Seadek Marine Non Skid
SeaDek Marine Non Skid

SeaDek On My Decks

There are a good number of decking non skid materials out there these days. SeaDek was the pioneer. They have been around since the late 90s and on my boats since the early 2000s. I have had other non skids put on my boats by manufacturers only to have to remove it for bleeding, fading or not sticking to replace it with SeaDek. Standing on this non skid all day is easy on my knees, stays down, looks great, easy to clean and keeps my boat quieter. 

Pro Team Sponsors
The best for what we do.

American Fishing Tackle Company

I love these guys. Not only a great tackle and clothing line that makes the best in sun protection shirts and amazing fishing shorts but give back to the marine environment with donations from sales. I hardly ever leave the house without AFTCO being part of my wardrobe and my boats are loaded with everything they make from gaffs, nets, fluorocarbon, terminal tackle and more. Amazing American made products that last. 

Owner Hooks has been the only hook manufacturer that I endorse. They make a complete line of hooks for everything anyone can imagine. We use nothing but Owner hooks for all of our fishing charters at Dream Catcher Charters. 

The biggest name in fly fishing. I just love the products the produce. For my fly fishing I specifically use the Helios 3d rods and Mirage reels with Orvis fly lines for my fly fishing while flats fishing. At Dream Catcher Charters we use the Helios, T3, Clearwater and Recon series for our clients that have different skill levels. 

Note: I am not an Orvis endorsed fishing guide.. I just love their products. 

Iland lures are found in just about any coastal tackle shop around. There is a reason for that. They are without a doubt the best trolling baits made. For our deep sea fishing we pull nothing but Iland lures with huge success ratios. 

I have used them all and tested them against the duty cycle of the busiest Key West fishing charter company. MotorGuide wins every time.. The Xi5 is the best GPS trolling motor on the market. 

Rick Berry starting making rods for me at Key Largo Rods back in the 90s. His passion for building the right rods for the job is awesome.