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Key West fishing species calendar. Blackfin Tunas, see November.

The Key West fishing calendar is THE way to find out when the best time to go fishing in Key West  Set up as a month by month detailed view of what can be expected in regards to general weather, logistics, and targeting of certain species of fish here in Key West in order to give you all of the pertinent information to make an informed decision. Just click on the month you are interested in for an in depth look and read all about fishing Key West style on the calendar.

The information here in this fishing calendar is for general guidance only. Nothing beats a text or a phone call to our office to find out what is actually happening with fishing Key West.

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January is considered to be our winter here in Key West. Cold fronts cause the frequent dropping of temperatures down to the low 60s and high 50s for a few days at a time. This can affect the shallower waters more dramatically than the reefs or deep sea. Winds can be higher around cold fronts but mostly of a Northerly direction. The Gulf of Mexico can be quite stirred up. We have our winter cast of fish species in town.—- Read More about Key West fishing in January…… 

January holds big Kingfish in Key West

February wraps up our winter here in Key West. Cold fronts, although fewer in number, still can drop our temperatures into the low 60s with temperatures bouncing back quickly. Inshore is stable with cooler water temps while offshore starts to shift.  Winds can be higher around cold fronts but mostly of a North Easterly direction. The Gulf of Mexico can be quite stirred up. We still  have our winter cast of fish species in town. —– Read More about Key West fishing in February 

Cobia are popular fish in February

In March our winter starts to give way to spring here in Key West with high pressure situated over the Eastern seaboard of the USA, offering us some fresh breezes from the East. Deep sea fishing and reef fishing can be a bit “sporting” with higher winds and waves, but both can be rewarding. Backcountry fishing and flats fishing heats up with early tarpon fishing and many more surprises. —- Read More about Key West Fishing in March.….

Permit fish
Wrecks for permit

April is the start of many things in fishing here in Key West, and usually the end of the cooler temps the island experiences. Deep sea fishing heats up and many fish on the reef start to spawn. Backcountry fishing and flats fishing are extremely popular as the shallows start to warm up. The tarpon migration is getting ready and the Gulf of Mexico holds some tasty treasures behind the shrimp boats and on the wrecks. —- Read More about Key West fishing in April…. 

Tarpon fishing Key West
Key West is world famous for Tarpon Fishing


May is one of the most popular times on the fishing calendar to fish Key West. The weather starts to stabilize. Deep sea fishing is off the rails with lots of opportunities. Reef fishing is as good as it gets with the opening of grouper season and snappers spawning. Flats fishing is EPIC with tarpon fishing season and the Key West bonefishing. — Read More about Key West fishing in May….. 

mani-mahi dorado, dolphin
The Fish so nice they named it twice Mahi Mahi

June starts our summer weather patterns here in Key West. Flat calm days are not uncommon with big heat on occasion. All the fishing is good for many different species. Deep sea fishing is very popular and flats fishing still great. Reef fishing gets more popular for the meat hunters. —– Read More about Key West fishing in June……..

Gag grouper
Summer is Grouper season Key West

July is the beginning of our rainy months here in Key West, but the fishing can be fantastic with calm seas and hot, balmy days. Flats fishing is incredible and there are still tarpon for backcountry fishing. This is a great time to explore a fishing / snorkeling adventures. Deep sea fishing is solid. Lobster mini season is at the end of the month (the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July) —- Read More about Key West fishing in July ……

flats fishing permit
Flats fishing for Permit

August can be hot and the threat of a hurricane keeps the crowds at a minimum. This is a great time to go fishing Key West. Inshore the flats fishing is amazing with shots at the Key West grand slam. Offshore the the deep sea fishing can be good or slow as August is a transitional month. Reef fishing is a great way to go for snappers and groupers.  The kick off of lobster season. Flats fishing is epic. 

Golden Tilefish
The deep water Golden tilefish


September is the peak of our flats fishing season AND hurricane season. Roll the dice on your trip to Key West and either have some of the best fishing ever or a hurricane party, sometimes both. Flats fishing for the Key West grand slam (tarpon, bonefish, permit) and Deep sea fishing for mahi-mahi are both extremely popular.

bonefish key west
Bonefishing In Key West

October fishing in Key West is great for both inshore and offshore. Chase the Key West grand slam flats fishing. Get into tasty treats on the reef fishing charters. Things start to cool off but the fishing stays hot. This is a good time for the Dry Tortugas fishing. Deep sea fishing for wahoo starts up this time of year.

yellowtail snapper
Large yellowtail snapper

November can go either way weather wise. Very nice or NOT. Its the first of our winter and the stray cold front can be strong. The fishing can follow the weather. Deep sea fishing has wahoo and tunas, the reef fishing is pretty good too. Inshore depends largely on water temps. Hot or cold the fishing can be great. 

wahoo key west November
November can be great for wahoo fishing

December is a great month for fishing Key West. One of our slower months till Christmas. The cooler water species have shown up in the backcountry with the flats species getting ready for winter. The deep sea fishing has all sorts of surprises, nothing is off the list. The reef fishing has its last month of grouper season and the snapper bite can be fire with an assorted other species that make it fun. 

Sailfish can make a grand appearance in December