Fishing Key West In November

wahoo fishing November Key West
Wahoo come through Key West in November

Fishing Key West in November

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First part of August is opening day of lobster season on the 6th. Many folks come here for that and the related Lobster Festival which can be a pretty good time if the heat does not bother you. Kids start to go back to school so the later part of the month has Key West pretty empty. August is legendary for Key West flats fishing, the reef fishing species are super hungry so the fishing is really good. 

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The Weather in August

August is a HOT month here in Key West fishingMost are too worried about hurricanes and tropical storms as they watch Jim Cantore on the weather channel too afraid to go outside.

August Inshore Fishing

August is one of my favorite months for inshore fishing across the board. Yes it is hot but the opportunities for trophy sport fish is at its peak. There are few limitations on our flats and bay boats for inshore fishing. A great time to see the inshore backcountry shallows and flats in all their glory. 

Flats Fishing

Fly Fishing bonefish
Fly fishing the flats for bonefish in August

Flats fishing is a discipline here. Our flats fishing trips in August focus on sight fishing for the big three; tarpon, permit and bonefish. August is a Key West Grand SLAM month for sure. 

A fly fisherman’s dream with the lighter winds and clear waters. August flats fishing provides a good number of shots at trophy fish to scratch at that bucket list. Some of my best days fishing for permit and bonefish has been in August.

You do not have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy the thrill of the hunt sight-fishing the flats in August. Spin fishermen do very well hunting the Key West grand slam. Using live bait and artificial  anglers are super successful casting, catching and landing these sought after game fish. 

Pro TipFlats fishing can be a very disciplined way to fish. Sight fishing and casting only when your guide tells you when and where. Choosing a professional flats fishing guide is critical to your success. Communication as to what you would like to do is also very important so we can manage the expectations. True flats fishing is not about the number of fish caught, but more about the experience of the hunt.