Fishing Key West In August

Permit fishing in March
March is great for permit fishing. This angler caught this beauty with me on my 36 Ft yellowfin Reef fishing boat.

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First part of August is opening day of lobster season on the 6th. Many folks come here for that and the related Lobster Festival which can be a pretty good time if the heat does not bother you. Kids start to go back to school so the later part of the month has Key West pretty empty. August is legendary for Key West flats fishing, the reef fishing species are super hungry so the fishing is really good. 

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The Weather in August

August is a HOT month here in Key West fishingMost are too worried about hurricanes and tropical storms as they watch Jim Cantore on the weather channel too afraid to go outside.

August Inshore Fishing

August is one of my favorite months for inshore fishing across the board. Yes it is hot but the opportunities for trophy sport fish is at its peak. There are few limitations on our flats and bay boats for inshore fishing. A great time to see the inshore backcountry shallows and flats in all their glory. 

Flats Fishing

Fly Fishing bonefish
Fly fishing the flats for bonefish in August

Flats fishing is a discipline here. Our flats fishing trips in August focus on sight fishing for the big three; tarpon, permit and bonefish. August is a Key West Grand SLAM month for sure. 

A fly fisherman’s dream with the lighter winds and clear waters. August flats fishing provides a good number of shots at trophy fish to scratch at that bucket list. Some of my best days fishing for permit and bonefish has been in August.

You do not have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy the thrill of the hunt sight-fishing the flats in August. Spin fishermen do very well hunting the Key West grand slam. Using live bait and artificial  anglers are super successful casting, catching and landing these sought after game fish. 

Pro TipFlats fishing can be a very disciplined way to fish. Sight fishing and casting only when your guide tells you when and where. Choosing a professional flats fishing guide is critical to your success. Communication as to what you would like to do is also very important so we can manage the expectations. True flats fishing is not about the number of fish caught, but more about the experience of the hunt.

Backcountry Fishing

Tarpon Fishing August
We Catch A Good Number Of Tarpon In August

Backcountry fishing is a great way to experience many different types of fishing practices and species. In august the tarpon are still around both big and small. Some of the larger fish are in the channels and basins still keeping in the cooler waters. Jacks, sharks and barracudas are fun and available targets on live bait and artificial. The patch reefs are well within range on the calm days of August offering anglers a great choice for some food fish. The water can be hot but cooled off with the common thunderstorm cranking up the fishing. 

Our backcountry fishing charters focus on tarpon first thing then we move out looking to bend a rod. We offer a snorkeling and fishing option as well that many folks take advantage of to beat the heat in August. 

Pro Tip – We bring the kitchen sink on our backcountry fishing charters. Live bait, and artificial lures make up our equipment list. The backcountry fishing charter is the best gateway for my signature All In Wonder fishing experience where we fish for as many different species in as many different ways as we can in one day. 

August Offshore Fishing

Flat calm seas, balmy days and some occasional thunderstorms make up the weather for our offshore fishing here in Key West. A little bit of planning and some good electronics to watch the weather and great fishing can be had. 

Deep Sea Fishing

Golden Tile Fish

When folks talk about Key West deep sea fishing in August we all think about the “school” mahi mahi, the occasional wahoo and possible marlin. We have filled the box many times with mahi in August after a decent run to the current finding some weeds and birds. A nice bonus in August are the Skip Jack tunas under the birds to mix up the box. August is truly a box of chocolates month for fishing the deep sea waters out near the Gulf Stream.

To mix it up try deep dropping, where we fish from 500 – 900 ft of water is very popular. Blue line tilefish, snowy grouper, black bellied rose fish and golden tiles fish. If a swordfish is on your list, this is a great month for them. The weather is perfect. 

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Pro Tip – When booking a deep sea fishing charter in August out of Key West or anywhere for that matter. Make sure the boat you have booked has the amenities you are hoping for. Items like Air conditioning and a little speed will cost you a bit more but add to your time catching fish in the comfort of a living room. Book a 6 or 8 hour trip minimum so the boat can get to where the fish are.  Make sure the fish you catch belong to you and someone will clean them for you. – All part of our services here on board the InXS deep sea fishing charters

Reef Fishing

Grouper Snapper
Nice Load Of Grouper Snapper caught on my Yellowfin center console

August is right in the middle of grouper season. Snappers are still spawning on the reefs so large yellowtail snappers, mangrove snappers and muttons are still quite realistic. Add that to the African Pompanos, cero mackerels, barracudas and mystery fish that will just crush you and you have a great month for reef fishing out of Key West.

I really enjoy the reef fishing charters out of Key West in August. There is so much to fish for and the winds are down, water is clear making easy runs to the good fish. Things are a little slower in my schedule so I have time to put together some awesome trips. 

I run many of my Dry Tortugas charters in August which is a really fun day of fishing. Typically I use my 36ft Yellowfin Center console for reef fishing charters to the West of Key West where my clients and I fish for Grouper and Snapper. 

Pro Tip – The reef is pretty good fishing all summer. Avoid dates right in the middle between full and new moons. These have the lowest tidal flow of water. Maybe opt for a deep sea fishing charter instead as it is regulated by the Gulf Stream. Always ask (these days) if there is a fuel surcharge. As one can imagine this might be important budget item. 

August Fishing Charters

Things are moderately busy here in Key West for fishing charters in August but not crazy like fishing in April    Booking last minute might be ok.  There are some pretty fun things to do in August here in Key West. Check out the Key West Events Calendar. Whatever type of fishing we can help you out with the right trip for the best rate available for the equipment we use. We are always happy to answer questions. 

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