Fishing Gear and Equipment

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DAIWA Dog Fight

Key West Fishing Gear

Fishing in Key West is no picnic for a rod and reel. The fishing gear and equipment that I use needs to be up to the task. The abuse here is torturous to say the least. My fishing reels have to put up with countless hours in the sun and salt. On top of all that my clients are very picky when it comes to the equipment that they have come used to using on my Key West Fishing Charters. 

Spin fishing or fly fishing while flats fishing requires tools that are precision and tuned with amazing drag systems for ultra light lines. Reef fishing requires durability and precision to meet the brute force demands of heavy lifting. Deep sea fishing requires the finest lever drags made on the market today.

Inshore Fishing

A big part of my career  has been guiding inshore flats fishing.  Chasing the grand slam of tarpon, permit and bonefish. Through the years pioneered backcountry fishing with the use of bay boats opening up our inshore fishing to more anglers. The Marquesas Keys are always on my target list for fishing  and tarpon fishing is something that is second nature to me.

Offshore Fishing

Always a passion of mine to fish offshore. Reef fishing for grouper snapper, king fish and other sport fish from Key West all the way out to the Dry Tortugas. I also offer Deep sea fishing and going where the fish are. Trolling for the next hard pulling pelagic such as dolphin, tuna wahoo, sailfish or even a marlin that hits one of my anglers baits. 

Inshore Fishing Equipment

The fishing gear I use to go inshore fishing on the flats or in the backcountry is the best money can buy across the board.

Spin fishing from 8lb to 20 lb test line for Key West fish species such as tarpon, permit, bonefish, jacks and barracudas is all handled by DAIWA. The Saltiga and Exist line of reels matched with custom made rods and the Proteus line from DAIWA. These rods and reels are all loaded with Samurai braided line and I use nothing but AFTCO Saiko Pro fluorocarbon leaders. For terminal tackle I use OWNER hooks and Hogy Lures. 

Fly fishing inshore can bring out the pickiest in clients and I meet that with the best in fly fishing gear from ORVIS. I use Helios rods from 7 wt through 12 wt matched with Orvis Hydros fly line. 

Offshore Fishing Equipment

To meet the needs of our Key West reef fishing we can never question the drag or components of any of my reels. One never knows when a trophy fish will task a drag system, fishing line or rod to the edge limits. Why not have the best. DAIWA over exceeds my needs here with the Saltiga spinning reels, Saltiga lever drag reels and the Saltiga Dog Fight series spinners for my heavy lifting. My fishing rates are not cheap. I want my clients to work with the best. 

Deep sea fishing is a good bit of trolling. The components here are always being taxed by the elements with constant salt spray and burning drags when fish smashes a bait. My trolling reels are very nice lever drags that have a history of being on the finer charter boats. Sizes 12, 16, 30W and 50W is the compliment on every fishing charter on board my deep sea fishing boat “In XS”.