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Key West Tarpon Fishing Guide, Capt. Steven Lamp

Key West tarpon fishing guide Key West
Another Happy Customer

Tarpon fishing is a lot of fun. Key West an incredible destination for it that many anglers come back to year after year.  I have been a Key West tarpon fishing guide since the early 90s. Offering tarpon fishing trips using live bait, artificial and fly fishing. On my guided fishing charters my anglers not only catch tarpon but they also learn how to fight a big fish on light tackle. Always helping them be better anglers using the techniques learned through the years. Throughout my trips I share strategies and tips on what I am doing to gain my advantage to put them on and hooked up to a fish.

A Level Above

My tarpon fishing charters are a little different with the end goal being the same – Land a Tarpon. Where I am different is in the approach and the equipment that I use.  My approach is to fish places where there are tarpon but no crowds. My boats are the nicest made for what I do in the industry. The result is a fast, safe and comfortable ride getting you to the fishing grounds in style. The gear I use leaves little to be desired. With brand names like DAIWA Saltiga Reels for spin fishing loaded with fresh Samurai braided line. ORVIS Helios fly rods with fresh fly line, leaders and supplied flies. Bait, lures and flies all set for you as we leave. You will not leave wanting. 

My Tarpon Fishing Charters

Three persons can go Key West tarpon fishing with me for 4 or 6 hours during tarpon season. Trip departures depend on the day, moon and tide phases. on your charter I supply everything you will need for fishing as well as ice filled cooler with bottled waters. So you need to bring only your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. When we are using fly fishing gear, only one angler can be fishing at a time. We will decide when you call, depending on the time of the year, your needs in a boat and the targeted species you would like to pursue whether we will use  my technical poling skiff or my Yellowfin bay boat. Do You want to bring 4 anglers? I can help with that as well. 

Please see my Backcountry Fishing Charters.  Or Call 1-305-292-7212.

flats fishing boat
My 17ft Technical Flats Fishing boat
Yellowfin 24 bay boat CE
My Custom Built Yellowfin Bay Boat

Key West Tarpon Fishing Season

Traditionally our Key West tarpon fishing season is in the spring. That means the migration starts about the first week in May and lasts through into July. However, we have tarpon here in Key West all year round. One of my favorite times to fish live bait and be very productive  is mid March through the end of September for larger fish. Our juvenile tarpon are here and ready to eat in the Fall months which is also a great time to go flats fishing for the grand slam. Best thing to do is call 1-305-292-7212 we are happy to go over all of it with you .