Fishing Key West In July

permit fishing on the flats
Flats fishing for permit in July

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Fishing Key West in July is very good for many of the summer species that we fish for. Key West is still pretty busy as the rates are lower for places to stay, kids are out of school and the weather is damn near perfect most days. All of our Key West fishing charters are very popular in July. Its a great time of the year to scratch at some flats fishing species bucket list and fill some freezers with great filets on the reef and offshore deep sea fishing. 

The Weather In July

We are full on into our summer at this point with rainy season starting up and the humidity in full effect. Our tropics start to cook a bit but July is not a super active hurricane month for us. We may get a stray tropical system rolling through that will provide some heavy downpours for a day or so. Often this can be a good thing for all of the fishing. 

July Inshore Fishing

July fishing inshore is great. Oily calm waters with crystal clear visibility. There can be some annoying surface grass to both hinder and help the fishing. A great time of the year to book at least a 6 hour trip for a shot at both backcountry fishing and reef fishing on board one of our state of the art bay boats. Also a great time for my signature “All In Wonder” day of fishing. 

Flats Fishing

Permit fish fly fishing
Back in the day before catching permit on the fly was Kewl.. Capt. Steven 1999.

Flats fishing will take a front seat in our inshore line up from now through the month of October. A summer month so heat is always a concern when flats fishing but If  calm waters and tailing fish are your thing.. July can get really good.  Whether you are a light tackle spin fishing or a fly fishing angler there are many treats on the flats in July. 

Key West is notorious world wide for our permit fishing and July is an exceptional time to get after them. I absolutely love fishing the skinny water for permit on the flats. Crab imitations are a great way to go if crabs are scarce. Fly fishing. A fantastic tailing month there are few things that will get my blood flowing like a permit waving his tail on the flat digging up crabs. 

Bonefishing in July can be epic. Shallow skiffs and bay boats can get our anglers to these speedsters pretty well. There are many things we can do as fishing guides to make this easier or add the challenges of sight fishing for our anglers. Up in the skinny water there are also some great shots at barracudas both on fly and light tackle spin fishing gear. 

Pro TipFlats fishing can be a very disciplined way to fish. Sight fishing and casting only when your guide tells you when and where. Choosing a professional flats fishing guide is critical to your success. Communication as to what you would like to do is also very important so we can manage the expectations. True flats fishing is not about the number of fish caught, but more about the experience of the hunt.

Backcountry Fishing

Yellow jack
Yellow jacks are famous for year round hard pulling fun in the backcountry and on the reef

Still – our most popular fishing charter, backcountry fishing in July opens up the species selection with a whatever is running mentality. Our state of the art bay boats rigged with trolling motors to maneuver areound in the deep and in the shallows are the best all round way to fish the backcountry waters from 12′ and deeper.

The fish species list in July is pretty strong for backcountry fishing. Still the best way to target and have a good shot at tarpon in July as well as bonefish and permit on the flats. Less technical are the barracudas, sharks and loads of Jacks of all species found here in Key West. 

Using out our bay boats this adds another possibility for the backcountry fishing and that is patch reefs. Open up the species books for this great way to fish. IN July calm waters are typical and we can shoot out to the shallow reefs to catch some lunch or dinner to an already fun day of fishing. 

Pro Tip – We bring the kitchen sink on our backcountry fishing charters. Live bait, and artificial lures make up our equipment list. The backcountry fishing charter is the best gateway for my signature All In Wonder fishing experience where we fish for as many different species in as many different ways as we can in one day. 

July Offshore Fishing

The dog days of summer, July can offer calm waters for being offshore. The occasionally thunderstorm can adjust your direction but the bite will be good for all of it. Whether you bring your boat or hire a Key West fishing charter sucess will ensue. 

Deep Sea Fishing

mahi mahi skip jack tunas
A good day of deep sea fishing on a 6 hour trip on board the INXS

Calm waters are a good thing in July for deep sea fishing. Sometimes we have to make the run to get in the meat. Off of Key West trips to the “wall” (19.5 Nautical) are frequent to get on the edge of the Gulf stream. 

Mahi mahi – dolphin fish are the main choice for mid summer fish species. Mostly schoolies that will fill a tasty bag of fish with an occasional big bull or cow. Dont hesitate to pull the big baits for the man in the blue suit (blue marlin) or big pelagic sailfish. The wahoo are around the debris with the mahi. We often find ourselves filling the box by bailing dolphin. We use nothing but the best in equipment on board my 47′ Viking Convertible the “InXS”. 

Pro Tip – When booking a deep sea fishing charter in July out of Key West or anywhere for that matter. Make sure the boat you have booked has the amenities you are hoping for. Items like Air conditioning and a little speed will cost you a bit more but add to your time catching fish in the comfort of a living room. Book a 6 or 8 hour trip minimum so the boat can get to where the fish are.  Make sure the fish you catch belong to you and someone will clean them for you. – All part of our services here on board the InXS deep sea fishing charters

Reef Fishing

Yellowtail snapper
Kissing a Yellowtail snapper. It's a thing. tasty tasty.

If you like snapper and grouper. July is a great Time to be here fishing in Key West. The reef fishing is amazing in July. Calm waters make for easy yet very hot fishing on the reef. My reef fishing charters start off just south of Key West and I work my way West toward the Marquesas Keys and the Dry Tortugas. I really enjoy running the trips where folks want to catch different species to make a nice colorful box of fish. 

Yellowtail snapper, black and red grouper, scamp grouper, mutton snapper and mangrove snapper are all on the kill list. I use my 36 ft Yellowfin center console and my 24 ft Yellowfin carbon elite bay boat for my reef fishing charters. Lots of activity and plenty to eat at the end of the day. 

Pro Tip – The reef is pretty good fishing all summer. Avoid dates right in the middle between full and new moons. These have the lowest tidal flow of water. Maybe opt for a deep sea fishing charter instead as it is regulated by the Gulf Stream. Always ask (these days) if there is a fuel surcharge. As one can imagine this might be important budget item. 

July Fishing Charters

Things are moderately busy here in Key West for fishing charters in July but not crazy like fishing in April    Booking last minute might be a bad idea however a couple weeks out will be fine. Whatever type of fishing we can help you out with the right trip for the best rate available for the equipment we use. We are always happy to answer questions. 

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