Fishing Key West In June

Bull Dolphin mahi mahi

June Fishing Contents

Key West fishing in June is the beginning of our summertime.  Although it can be hot the island city is alive and bustling. Room rates will come down a bit and last minute occupancies are possible again. The fishing guides here are still very busy with schedules accross the board from the shallow flats fishing through the reef fishing and out to the deep sea fishing. All of our Key West fishing charters are very popular in June. Special note as the kids get out of school our family fun fishing adventures are very affordable and popular.

The Weather In June

As our tropical summer paterns start to take charge in our atmosphere. June can be a bit warm. The winds lay down and the temps rise. Daily cooling from tropical moisture is common mostly over the island land mass with convection. Rarely will we get a first of the year tropical storm in June, but it can happen. Official start of hurricane season is June 1st. 

Fishing Inshore

Inshore fishing in June is fantastic. The waters are crystal clear, winds are light and the heat brings in our summer inshore cast of characters while allowing us to get out and play on the reef a bit in our backcountry fishing boats. Many of the part time fishing guides go back to their home making the inshore waters less crowded. 

Tarpon Key West
June is a great month for tarpon fishing

Still the highlight of our inshore fishing in June here in Key West. Tarpon fishing gets really good with sight fishing opportunities for these 80 – 130 lb monsters. Fly fishing is a popular way to go tarpon fishing in June. Spin fishing is the most popular offering the least experienced angler to start their journey on a big fish. 

 We always like to offer the most of what we can for a day of fishing here. Using a bay boat is an exceptional way to fish for tarpon and then have the versatility to go do something else later in the trip. 4 or 6 hour trips are perfect to get your tarpon fix for 1-4 anglers.

For full day experiences that may include tarpon fishing take a look at my full day All In Wonder Key West fishing charter that offers a little bit of everything for 1-3 anglers. Call 1-305-292-7212 to find out more. 


Fishing in June for Permit in the backcountry
Permit are a nice trophy anytime. June fishing has them.

In among the shallows of the backcountry here in Key West there are many trophies to be had in the month of June. Tarpon are still running the shallows and the channels with shots at permit, barracudas, jacks, bonefish and sharks. On our backcountry fishing charters it is hard to tell when leaving the dock exactly what we will get into. We will say this.. Chances are, we will have some amazing weather and great fishing. 

Backcountry fishing charters are the most popular Key West fishing charters. Utilizing specific boats built to handle from 1-4 persons this is the most affordable way to get on the water with a private charter. A great way to spend the day bending rods and having fun while fishing. 

Here at Dream Catcher Charters our bay boats are state of the art and loaded with the best in equipment from DAIWA rods and reels.

bonefish key west in June
We are seeing loads of bonefish here in Key West

One of my favorite months June is the beginning of what I call “Flats Fishing Season”. Where it is not unfathomable to have shots at all three species of the Key West grand slam of bonefish, tarpon and permit. Hot, calm, quiet and loaded with opportunities. Key West flats fishing is an incredible way to fish. 

Flats fishing is a dedicated sight fishing with some discipline and technique needed to “thread the needle”. Unlike backcountry fishing where we focus on what ever is biting, flats fishing is focused on sight fishing for specific species at specific tides. 

We can use either my flats fishing boat or my 24 Yellowfin carbon fiber bay boat. Both are state of the art and float super shallow. Anglers can use fly fishing gear or spin fishing gear with me. I supply everything and my gear is the best money can buy.

Fishing Offshore

I cannot thing of any reason I would not want to go fishing in Key West in June. Especially fishing offshore. Reef or deep sea fishing is as good as it gets. 

reef fishing in June for yellowtail snapper
A mess of fish like this is not uncommon in June all of these fish were caught casting artificial lures.

As I have mentioned June is the start of our summer patterns which means long hot days with light winds. This makes for great reef fishing off of Key West. There are a few snappers that spawn in June including Mutton snapper, mangrove snappers and yellowtail snapper. This enhances the size of our tasty snappers here. Add that to grouper season is open in the Atlantic and you have several great reasons to get out there and do some reef fishing. The reef holds lots of different species that are super fun to catch. Kinda like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’r gonna catch.

June is also a great time for my Dry Tortugas fishing charter. We offer these trips on a limited basis, weather depending. Call us to learn more. 

Using the best of the best in tackle on board my 36ft Yellowfin center console. I offer 4, 6, 8 and 10 hour days reef fishing and trips to the Dry Tortugas on board my 36ft Yellowfin triple engine center console. 

mahi mahi june
June is for Mahi Mahi here in Key West

It’s a no brainer. June is an exceptional month here in Key West for deep sea fishing for mahi mahi. Our dolphin season is about as good as it gets this month. Deep sea fishing charters will be lazer focused on these great tasting fish. Along with the mahi June anglers can also expect a shot at a blue marlin during the full moon. Add that to some sailfish lurking about with wahoo and the occasional tuna. Deep sea fishing in June is amazing. 

It is recommended that you book or expect a longer 6 hours plus day to get in the meat as summer gets started here in Key West. Longer runs are needed to get to the fish. 

Our in-house deep sea fishing charter is the InXS. She is a 47ft Viking convertible sport fishing boat. She leaves out of Oceans Edge marina on stock island. Check out our rates page to learn more about pricing.

We have many other opportunities to go deep sea fishing as well to provide more availability and maybe more budget friendly. 

Fishing In June

it is really hard for me to give an answer to folks when they ask.. “Whats the best fishing in June”? Often my response is “ALL OF IT“.. You really cannot go wrong. It will be up to you, your budget, bucket list or grocery list.. Call us we can help…. 

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