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Yellowfin 24 bay boat CE
My Custom Built Yellowfin Bay Boat

Used Boats For Sale

Check here for used bay boats, flats fishing boats and center consoles for sale. These are boats of mine or friends of mine that are trying to move their boats to sell. I do not vouch for any boats that are not mine. The best time to check if I am selling a boat that you may be interested in specifically is in the fall. Click on the links if there is one to get more information or call the number listed on that page and talk with the seller. For up to the minute possibilities of boats for sale from my fleet. Check out my Facebook Page.

The Boats I have listed are ones we have used here at Dream Catcher Charters in Key West. They are under the strictest maintenance schedules with open checkbook policy on repairs and updates. We use them for flats fishing and reef fishing in Key West, Florida. 

If You do not see any listings below with links to boats for sale.. There are no boats for sale at this time.. Please check back. 

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