After Tropical Storm ETA What To Expect Fishing Key West

What to expect after Hurricane ETA Fishing Key West
After Hurricane ETA what will fishing in Key West be like?

Tropical Storm ETA What To Expect Fishing In Key West

After tropical storm ETA many are trying to figure out what to expect next in fishing Key West. Here is my best guess after experiencing many tropical systems as a Key West fishing guide.

Last night was a bit bumpy here in Key West. We had wind gusts up to 45 knots and some pretty good squall lines packing some extra punch. But as in all things weather wise this will not last forever (thank goodness). As we trudge our way through the wettest and windiest fall I have seen in ages.

Fishing Forecast

As it gets better tomorrow (and it will) the winds will start to lay down from our current 25-35 knots out of the South as ETA moves her lazy self up the West coast of Florida and out of the Key West weather patterns. By Friday I expect to see 5-10 mph winds and fair Skies like it should be this time of the year. Once the winds come down our water will clear up very fast. After this type of blow we should be back to clear water by Friday with gin clear conditions by Sunday through next week.

Where To Go Fishing

For the next few days my favorite fishing would be backcountry fishing for a mix mash of species to cast to. Flats fishing over the weekend should be very good as well for bonefish, permit, juvenile tarpon and barracudas. The water temps did not drop much so once the water clears a little the predators will go into full on FEED MODE in the shallows.

Tropical Storm ETA Key West Fishing
<strong>After the storm Fishing like this will be the norm<strong>

Once the swells lay down on the reef get ready for voracious feeding by all of the reef species of fish here in Key West. Reef fishing will mostly be yellowtail snappers, mutton snappers and grouper. These storms really stir up the silt and make the water visibility very poor. There is a huge edginess that fish have in dirty water. They spend more time freaked out about being eaten then they do feeding themselves. Finding food is also very tough.. So, after a big blow and the waves settle the reef bite will go ballistic! Match that with November which is when the ballyhoo are hoarding on the reef and the mackerels, jacks and barracudas turning them into chum. Its Gonna be GOOD!

The New moon is Sunday. Ask any wahoo fan and they will tell you it’s one of the best moons for wahoo here in Key West. The November Super Moon. Lots of bait around just outside the reef and the wahoo make short work of it. Keep an eye for the birds working the big blackfin tunas just outside the reef in 150 -350. On the Easterlies or North Easterlies there will be an excellent chance of sailfish. But let’s be real here Key West deep sea fishing will be anyones guess after this blow, depending on where the clear waters are for trolling and how far out or in the Gulf Stream is (today Gulf Stream is 19 miles South of Sand Key) when the water gets fish – able. I am thinking Friday will be a first great day Key West deep sea fishing.

Food For Thought

new moon wahoo fishing out of Key West
The new moon in November can hold some amazing wahoo fishing <a href=httpswwwinxsfishingcom>Deep sea fishing<a> on board the In XS my 47ft Viking

ON THAT Blue Water NOTE! Here is food for thought…. TS ETA smashed the hell out of central America just up stream of us in the Gulf Stream, as unfortunate as that is – IMAGINE for a second how many trees, pieces of debris will be coming through our area in a week or two. Thats means dolphin and wahoo on those floating fish condos. Just a thought and a good one for the possibilities of deep sea fishing here out of Key West. What a beautiful thanksgiving this will be.

So, thats how I see it shaping up here fishing Key West after Tropical Storm ETA. November will get back to normal and we will just watch the cold fronts.

We are running full schedules of all our Key West fishing charters. Call us for more information or planning your Key West vacation. We are happy to help and get you out on the waters.

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