May Fishing Report and Forecast

One thing has been consistent these last few weeks and that has been the winds. Easterlies have prevailed as high as 25 mph and some days as low as 10 -15. That has not stopped the fishing though. We have been making some great days on the water both inshore and offshore.

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Beat The Wind Go Backcountry Fishing

Beat the wind and go backcountry fishing Key West. The weather the last few days has really been bad. And there is more wind coming next week, the week before Christmas week. The wind is a killer for our deep sea fishing charters. Folks get seasick when waves are big out there. No matter how good the fishing is at that point. Its bad. So.. We often recommend that folks look at the backcountry…

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Key West Fishing Report Thanksgiving Week

Key West fishing report
Wahoo are popular in November and December here deep sea fishing in Key West

November is such a hit or miss month for not only the weather with the conditions battling against seasonal change. The fishing can be hit or miss as well mostly in the deep sea fishing arena. We have loads to be thankful for this holiday and I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Key West Fishing Report Inshore fishing has been pretty solid this last week. The temps are what affects the…

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Mercury Racing 400R V-10 Outboard

Yellowfin 24 CE Mercury Racing 400R
Yellowfin 24 CE Powered by Mercury Racing 400R. Capt. Steven Lamps New Bay Boat. Being towed by the Dream Catcher Charters mule Ford F 350.

Application is everything in any boating set up. How you are going to use it? This is a big question everyone that is selecting power for a boat should ask themselves. There are no perfect solutions but some come pretty darn close. The Mercury Racing 400r on my Yellowfin 24 CE bay boat is pretty darn close to perfect. The Yellowfin 24 CE is a very light weight bay boat. Almost an all carbon fiber…

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Shallow Water Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snapper
Shallow Water Mutton Snapper

Cooler Temps Mean Shallow Water Muttons October 26th 2022 - Fall is definitely in the air here in Key West. That means less humidity and cooler overall temps. It also means great conditions for shallow water mutton snappers. From now through the end of March the muttons can be found in the shallows making a nice surprise catch for my backcountry fishing and flats fishing anglers.  As the temps start to cool from the…

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