Marquesas Keys Winter Fishing Species Hunt

Marquesas Keys fishing winter Permit

Fishing the Marquesas Keys in the winter months of December, January and February can be awesome. With good weather and less heat the fishing is usually on fire and a great way to spend the day with rods bent counting off the species as well as fishing such a remote location in what I call the species hunt on board one of my bay boats.

During the cooler months our species of fish numbers goes up exponentially. Many reef fish move in toward the shallows looking for the bait that is stacked around the islands and feasting. This makes them very accessible with our bay boats and making an affordable, fun, action filled day of fishing for our anglers without breaking the bank.

Yellowfin Carbon Elite Bay Boat
Yellowfin Carbon Elite bay boat My personal Marquesas Bay Boat

The Marquesas Keys are located about 26 miles West of Key West. I have been running to the Marquesas Keys fishing fishing charters since the mid 90s and before that I was diving out there regularly. Often this time of the year I will make the trip pretty regularly with my anglers to show off our fishery if the conditions and the fishing is right. Its truly a treat to go fishing out there when it is good. See : Guide To The Marquesas Keys

Fishing The Marquesas Keys In The Winter

There are so many choices and ways to fish the Marquesas Keys especially in the winter. I load up for all of it. I fish the flats, backcountry, nearshore, wrecks and reefs all on one fishing charter bouncing from one fishery to the next working the tides and conditions to make the most out of the trip. Pulling off the stops we go where I think the fish are.

yellowtail snappers marquesas Keys
<strong>Two very happy lady anglers with some nice sized yellowtail snappers for dinner<strong>


When I am fishing the Marquesas I will generally start off with some tarpon fishing. Using mostly artificial lures and some live baits the tarpon over there come in two sizes Big and not so big (juvenile). Every day tarpon fishing over there is different. Success depends on the pressure that the area has received mostly and water temps. The tarpon hang around till it gets really chilly. From there it depends on the tides and the water temps but I generally like to move out to the wrecks that are scattered about out there in the hunt for permit, jacks, barracudas, runners and cobia. Aside from the permit where I have a crab or two on board I like to use mostly artificial lures to hit these different species one at at time to start my collection. If the tides / conditions are right the permit fishing on the flats can be insane all winter long. Lots of choices, lots of variables.

Mutton Snapper
<strong>Big mutton snappers like these are not uncommon in the Marquesas Keys especially in the winter time<strong>

Moving along through my day out there most of my anglers love to have snack to take back with them in the form of a tasty Yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper or mangrove snapper. Thats all part of my program as well. I fish some pretty special reef areas out there that really offer my anglers a fun way to catch supper. Without divulging a lot here – Trust me – its a hoot and really appeals to the casting anglers that like to keep the action Red Hot..

Cobia Marquesas Keys
<strong>One of my regular Anglers holds up a nice Marquesas Keys Cobia <strong>

For additional species of fish such as trout, redfish, pomano, blue runners and lady fish I have some very special spots out there that cater to the person who wants to keep the rods bent non stop, cast after cast.

Lots Of Species To Fish For In The Marquesas

What a special place, the Marquesas Keys winter fishing can be pretty incredible if all the conditions come into a line. I have had some days where we caught over 25 different species of fish over 14″ in length, without fishing for sharks. It is truly the most complete day trip that anyone offers for fishing Key West.

Marquesas Keys Fishing Charter

We book many fishing charters out to the Marquesas Keys this time of the year. Fishing charters like the day I mentioned above take 8 hours and not more than 3 anglers on board our bay boats. Some of our bay boats do not have bathrooms but a couple of them do. Generally this is not an issue as there are concessions we can make for outdoorsy folks to receive any issues. Sea sickness is not a thing on this trip. If it is rough we don’t go and stay shorter to do the same thing, then discount your trip for not going to the Marquesas Keys.

Rates for this trip are 900.00 for two.. 50.00 extra for a third.

If this trip interests you, please feel free to call us and we will go over all the details and options.

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