Tarpon Season 21′ is Coming, Book Your Favorite Key West Fishing Guide Now

Tarpon Fishing Key West
Tarpon fishing season is coming in Key West. End of March the fun begins. Book your fishing guide now.

Tarpon Fishing

I know it is hard for my veteran tarpon fishing clients to think about such a tropical species while they have snow piled up on the side of the house but the reality is. At the end of next month we will be jumping some monsters here in Key West as we start to warm up and get into our Key West tarpon fishing season.

Last Season - COVID

We had the year off last year so did the fish. I chose to go bonefishing for fun during our 2.5 month long shut down. We had a lot of fun caught lots of bonefish and the waters were empty of boats.. Interesting note, I have never taken time off in my whole adult life in the spring I have been chasing tarpon all those years in the months of March, April and May. It was a nice welcome change for me but now I am ready to get back to lifting some monsters for my anglers.

Last spring I focused on bonefishing instead of tarpon fishing during COVID. We had a blast.

About Our Tarpon

Typically we get some tarpon in the deeper channels and in the backcountry in late March. These fish are pretty good size. I call them Gulf Tarpon or dirty water tarpon because of their brown backs and the fact our waters are typically stirred up in March. These tarpon are typically the biggest tarpon we see all year. Some fish go into the 150 – 200 lb range. I generally fish for them with live bait and artificial with spin fishing rods due to the higher winds Fly fishing is tough. This push of tarpon typically happens Just about the same time as the winds start to howl out of the East at a steady 20+ for weeks on end as the high pressure (Bermuda High) hammers us on its South end with brisk Easterlies. Generally those winds will subside by Mid April just in time for the migration to start in early May.

Keep an eye open for updates to my Key West Tarpon Fishing Report.

Key West Tarpon Fishing Season

Tarpon season for me and my crew here at Dream Catcher Charters starts in late March and goes all the way through August. Tarpon season means you have a good shot at catching a tarpon during these times conditions permitting. My favorite months are late March through April then June. Why not May you ask? Thats when things get crowded with every fishing guide from any stream USA comes here to pick on our fish and get in our way with their clients. May is still a great time to fish for tarpon and there are so many places I go to get away from the newbies. If fly fishing for tarpon is your game May is your month.

My Whip! Yellowfin 24 CE

Typically for the first part of tarpon season and into the summer I use my 24′ Yellowfin Carbon Elite custom bay boat. She is super fast and gets very shallow. Complete with a custom array of electronics that would make larger boats blush including GARMIN side view sonar that allows me to see tarpon on the edge of a chanel without running them over. A huge edge for me and my clients. 

Key West Fishing Boats
Yellowfin Carbon Elite bay boat Powered by Mercury Racing 450r

Call Soon Book Soon! See Ya There.

Booking a tarpon fishing charter is easy.. CALL MY OFFICE….. 305-292-7212…. Speak to Gennifer and she will go over all the options, availability and help manage your expectations with our 30 years of tarpon fishing charter experience. The fishing is the easy part. The gear needs to be perfect and the boat should be an amazing tool. I have all of that. 

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