Reviews on Boats and Motors I have used and currently use in my guiding career. Through my career I have had almost 50 boats and many many Mercury Outboard motors  or engines. Test and evaluation has been a big part of what I do. Names like Mercury Marine, Mercury Racing, Yellowfin yachts, SeaHunt, Actioncraft, Backcountry, Lake and Bay and Key Hopper.

Mercury Racing 400R V-10 Outboard

Yellowfin 24 CE Mercury Racing 400R
Yellowfin 24 CE Powered by Mercury Racing 400R. Capt. Steven Lamps New Bay Boat. Being towed by the Dream Catcher Charters mule Ford F 350.

Application is everything in any boating set up. How you are going to use it? This is a big question everyone that is selecting power for a boat should ask themselves. There are no perfect solutions but some come pretty darn close. The Mercury Racing 400r on my Yellowfin 24 CE bay boat is pretty darn close to perfect. The Yellowfin 24 CE is a very light weight bay boat. Almost an all carbon fiber…

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Beavertail Elite Flats Fishing Skiff Boat

Beavertail Elite 17 flats fishing poling technical skiff boat Choices are hard to make these days when it comes to flats fishing skiffs. There are so many out there and the conveluted ideas behind them seem to be endless. It's All About Choices Having the best of the best when it comes to my bay boats I wanted to get myself a great technical poling skiff. I have been fishing flats fishing boats since…

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Mercury 150 Fourstroke Outboard Motor

Mercury 150 Fourstroke twins
Our Proline 28 with the Mercury 150 Fourstroke outboards

This is a post I made back in 2012. We have been using the Mercury 150 Fourstroke Outboard motor ever since. We no longer have the SeaHunt featured in this post but now we use the 150s on our 28 ft ProLine for a perfect solution on that boat. In the 6000 plus hours of operation at Dream Catcher Charters we have on the Mecury 150 four stroke we have found nothing I don't…

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Mercury Verado Fourstroke Outboards

Mercury Verado
Mercury Verado

Updated February 2016 Mercury Verado Four Stroke outboard motors have been becoming the mainstay. As we all know the bunny huggers of the world are taking control so the old ways of the presumably dirty engines are gone. The EPA wants the environmental assets, the public wants the seemingly good fuel economy, quiet operation and the presumed longevity of the four stroke engine platform. The days of two strokes are getting behind us now…

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Yellowfin 24 Carbon Elite Bay Boat

My Yellowfin Carbon Elite CE bay boat Is Perfect September 23 2020- This is a re-post of an article I wrote about my / Yellowfins first 2015 Yellowfin 24 Carbon Elite CE bay boat powered by the new (then) Mercury Racing 400r. There have been some modifications and updates to the original article. My Yellowfin Carbon Elite CE bay boat Is Perfect Since 2005 I have owned bay boats and discovered one absolute. There…

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