Beat The Wind Go Backcountry Fishing

Beat the wind and go backcountry fishing Key West. The weather the last few days has really been bad. And there is more wind coming next week, the week before Christmas week. The wind is a killer for our deep sea fishing charters. Folks get seasick when waves are big out there. No matter how good the fishing is at that point. Its bad. So.. We often recommend that folks look at the backcountry…

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Backcountry Fishing Key West Produces Nice Lunches.

backcountry fishing mutton snapper
This mutton snapper was caught in less than 12 ft of water and demanded to join us for dinner. He had a seat right on the plate.

Backcountry fishing in Key West can produce some nice lunches this time of the year. As the bait moves in and out with the tides the predators take note and take bait. Using the simplest techniques in the channels and edges I come up with some nice snapper catches that would impress even some of the more hard core reef fishing charters out of Key West. Let week was no different. How I Go…

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