Stiffy Push Poles

Stiffy Push Pole
Stiffy Push Pole on my Flats Fishing Skiff

October 9 2020 - This review about Stiffy Push Poles has been updated throughout my career as a Key West flats fishing guide. I still use this push pole for my flats fishing charters. Works perfect on my Beavertail 17 ft Flats fishing boat. It's hard to write anything about a product with the name "Stiffy" without the reader's mind going off on a tangent about some obscene gesture of the male human anatomy.…

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Yellowfin 32 Center Console

Yellowfin 32 Center Console
My Yellowfin 32 Center console Intense

March 15th 2009 - The Yellowfin 32 Center Console is a Step Up for me. I was at a point in my career that I needed something more. A new challenge that brought me back into full circle in the fishing world. I had a ton of offshore experience both diving and fishing as well as a collection of GPS numbers that is very impressive from reef fishing Key West and out past the…

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